Announcing the launch of EDI’s new website

EDI has invested more time and money into keeping at the forefront of this dynamic industry, which we’ve been a part of for the past 13 years. 

Therefore we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website in March 2021!

Website home page

EDI has spent the past six months busily creating this new website for its readers, offering a fresher look, easier navigation and with more content, specials and offers.

Our homepage offers our readers links to up-to-date news about the industry plus useful information about the products and services that EDI has to offer. It also has links to case studies highlighting the projects EDI has completed.

New features of the new website are its clear, modern layout with high-resolution pictures and integrated social media buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to assist with communication to our valued existing and potential new clients. Regular news items and new product updates will now feature on EDI’s new website to help our readers learn new things, save money and even make you laugh sometimes.

Readers can now sign up for our monthly EDI Newsletter to keep informed.

The best part of the new website are the specials and offers. Each month EDI will be advertising their Latest Offers to help save you money, so keep your eyes out for them.

EDI welcomes the opportunity to showcase our capabilities to your business. Check out our new website and give us a call today to book in your job or come and visit our impressive Yatala HQ.  We ensure that you will not be disappointed and EDI and our Team will surpass your expectations.

If you have any suggestions, feedback or comments, please feel free to contact us.

EDI is set to achieve big things in 2021

After the tough uncertainties of 2020, we all learnt many different skills and ways to cope with something none of our current generation has ever faced – a pandemic. Our way of life fundamentally changed forever.

Some of us learnt to work from home and communicate more through technology, tried to stay positive (as much as possible), focussing on self-care and awareness and really looked after those close to us, more than ever.

We understand everyone had a different experience throughout 2020 and it’s good to reflect on your time during last year’s pandemic.

We hope you are as recharged and renewed as we are … ready to tackle this new year!

As we welcome 2021, after a challenging but good year for EDI, we have invested more money, time and thought into how we secure a further foothold in this dynamic industry, which we have grown to be a part of during the last 13 years.


At EDI, we have an ever-growing team of professionals that can tackle anything the industry throws at us. We consistently generate a quality product that not only pleases our clients, but surpasses their expectations!

The EDI Team has over 100 years of combined service and experience in the earthmoving, mining and rental industries.

If you would like to join the impressive team at EDI refer to our Careers page.

Our goals

As a business, EDI has committed to a set of challenging goals for 2021 that we are working towards fulfilling.

2021 goals

These goals include (and are not limited to):

  • Creating a new website with a fresher look and more content, specials and offers for our readers
  • Equipment sourcing and procurement to meet our valued clients’ changing requirements
  • Training and up-skilling our already highly competent and skilled staff
  • Attracting and recruiting quality and high skilled staff to join our impressive team
  • Upgrading technology and processes to provide better value and efficiency to our clients

How EDI can support you as a valued client

While speaking about these improvements is easy, EDI welcomes the opportunity to showcase these initiatives. We commit to add value to your business and improve your profits.

In fact, we welcome you to our impressive Yatala premises so you can meet the team and see the facilities first-hand.  

There is no contract or job that EDI cannot complete in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Please check out our new website or give us a call today to book in your job or come and visit our Yatala HQ.  We ensure that EDI will not disappoint!

Contact us or call Ben Patrick on 0401 567 140.