Apprenticeship and job opportunities at EDI

Are you or someone you know interested in getting started in the construction industry?

EDI has been investing in the futures of young tradespeople for the past 12 years.  

As EDI offers the “complete solution” (one-stop-shop) for our clients, we have the most high-skilled and competent team of professionals to provide the best outcomes possible to our valued clients.

EDI Managing Director, Shane Chestnut, says “EDI recognised the need to grow and nurture our own young tradespeople and with our careful guidance over the years, we have produced a number of highly proficient and capable tradespeople through our apprenticeship programs across a variety of trades.  We want to shape leaders for the future of our industry.”

To truly get an understanding of a relevant trade and help decide on a future career, all of EDI’s apprentices have completed work experience at EDI, with some entering via school-based apprenticeships, where you get paid to learn.

We endorse the Australian Industry Trade College (AITC). AITC is a co-educational trade school where Years 10, 11 and 12 students complete their senior secondary education while beginning a school-based apprenticeship in an industry.

Here our apprentices receive the necessary training for their relevant apprenticeship plus they complete their Year 12 Certificate while at the College.

Our current and past apprentices have worked hard at the AITC and on-the-job at EDI to partake and/or complete apprenticeships in:

  • Apprenticeship – Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade
  • Apprenticeship – Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology
  • Apprenticeship – Certificate III in Automotive Spray Painting
  • Apprenticeship – Certificate III in Fabrication (Boilermaking/Welding)

Do you know someone who would like to start an apprenticeship or work at EDI?

EDI is always looking to attract and recruit quality and high skilled staff so if you would like to join the impressive team at EDI, we list our Job Ads on our Careers page.

Here is a fine example and proud story from one of EDI’s future Superstars

Jasper Abel – Current Apprentice
Currently completing a Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade

Jasper Abel

Jasper’s father has worked at EDI since the beginning of 2013, so that makes Jasper on his way to being our very first “second generation” EDI Diesel Fitter.  

Jasper has been committed to working at EDI in his school holidays and has been on placement from the AITC for the past two years.

Jasper is currently very busy completing his Grade 12 Certificate plus his Certificate III studies at the AITC, while working on-the-job at EDI.

Jasper has been recognised and acts in the prestigious role as “College Captain/Leader” at the AITC for 2021.

In his spare time, Jasper likes to ride and race motorbikes, go fishing, camping and four wheel driving. He has previously completed gruelling two Kokoda Challenges on the Gold Coast and helps out as a Youth Coordinator at his local church.

Jasper is set to complete his Engineering Apprenticeship in 2024 and we at EDI are so very proud of his commitment and dedication to his chosen career.

Here is a wonderful story from another one of EDI’s remarkable new apprentices

Samual Barham – Current Apprentice
Currently completing a Certificate III in Fabrication (Boilermaking/Welding)

Sam Barham

Sam completed work experience at EDI as a Diesel Fitter a couple of years ago but after careful consideration, decided to try Fabrication (Boilermaker). Sam has completed Year 12 and is now full-time at EDI.

Under the mentorship of two of EDI’s best tradespeople, Sam is being taught to be the best and finest in his chosen trade.

In his spare time, Sam likes to ride dirt bikes, 4WD, go camping and is an avid Rural Fire Fighter. Last year, he too completed the gruelling Kokoda Challenge on the Gold Coast (refer to our news post) and has been a part of the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program (KCYP) for the past two years. 

Sam is set to complete his Fabrication Apprenticeship in 2024 and we at EDI are so very proud of his commitment and dedication to his chosen career.

EDI’s Latest Recuit during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Even through a worldwide Pandemic, EDI is continuing to invest in the training of our future stars and welcomes Jasper Abel to the EDI Team. 


Australian Industry Trade College – Gold Coast