EDI’s impressive rebuild of Atlas Copco MT6020 trucks

EDI is a leading authorised dealer and heavy earthmoving repairer in Yatala (located between Brisbane and the Gold Coast). We can rebuild your heavy earthmoving equipment or truck with new materials, paint and other machine work to restore it to its former glory, at only a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new machine.

Atlas Copco MT6020 rebuild job

The durability and reliability of Atlas Copco MT6020 have been proven over time in the underground industry. It is not unusual for an Atlas Copco truck to log more than 40,000 hours. With a heavy, strong and durable frame as the backbone, the machine, power train and major components are built to be rebuilt.

EDI Service Manager, Ben Patrick discussed with a valued EDI client the prospect of refurbishing two of their Atlas Copco MT6020 trucks, which were due for rebuilds.

The client decided to entrust EDI with twoof their rebuilds late in 2020.  They had absolute confidence in the professionalism, workmanship and the finish of the job.

What was so appealing to this important EDI client was the “can do” attitude of the EDI staff, the proximity of EDI’s workshop in Yatala to the M1 and the proven track record in completing such jobs in a short time frame while still delivering quality and reliability.

The rebuild

The rebuild of these two units took the EDI experts 10 weeks to complete and was a significant undertaking. The presentation and quality of work that went into these two machines was consistent with EDI’s vision.

Both of the refurbished units left the EDI Workshop at Yatala fully site-compliant to the client’s own standard after having extensive works completed.

This included:

  • NDT rim testing
  • Exhaust NOx testing 
  • Hydraulic hoses 
  • Fire suppression 
  • Component rebuilds 
  • Blast and paint 

EDI is excited for both new and existing clients’ future machines emerging from their Yatala HQ looking and operating like a new machine.  

Refurbishment is a good solution to fast-track delivery time, at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. We will assist you to meet your contractual agreements, improve profitability and lower your overheads.

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Your machinery can be built to be site-compliant or brought back to life in no time. See how much money you save on a rebuild job. See what EDI can do for you.  

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